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Invigilator Plus Programme

Arts Council of Wales is committed to providing professional development opportunities for artists and curators as part of Cymru yn Fenis/Wales in Venice. We want to enable artists and curators working in Wales to have access to current international contemporary visual arts practice, to experience the Venice Biennale and provide invigilation support to the delivery of Wales’ presence at the Biennale.

The Invigilator Plus programme is designed to provide participants with valuable opportunities to meet artists and invigilators from other countries participating in the Venice Biennale, develop their creative networks, discuss and share ideas about contemporary arts practice as well as develop new exhibition opportunities.

This year Arts Council of Wales have appointed fifteen artists & curators for periods of 6-7 weeks during the exhibition running from 9 May – 22 November. They are; Meg Beaumont, Kelly Best, Megan Broadmeadow, Freya Dooley, Louise Hobson, Honey Jones-Hughes, Catrin Llwyd, Lydia Meehan, Harry Morgan, Sioned Pennant, Claire Prosser, Becca Thomas, Cerys Thomas-Ford, Thomas Williams and Luc Wise.

These individuals provide a vital interface with visitors to the exhibition. They maintain and supervise the smooth running of the exhibition - from the hectic opening days through to group visits later in the run from organised parties and colleges up until the close of the exhibition in November. During their stay they will also be able to pursue personal projects as artists or curators.

We have teamed up with Ffotogallery who are providing the fifteen artists with a unique platform to record their experience of being in Venice and document their individual creative journeys of making work and discovering Venice and the Biennale. Each artist has their own profile and their contributions are available on their page as well as the website’s timeline available on the front page. Check back regularly to see what the team are up to. We are also offering you the opportunity to get in touch with the invigilator directly and ask them questions about the exhibition, the artist or their experience of working in Venice.